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Tax Resolution Practice

3 Session Webinars about IRS Tax Problem Resolution. In this training, you will acquire the skills needed to provide professional representation services to Taxpayers in difficulties.

These webinars will be presented in ENGLISH.

In this course, The Practice before the IRS, all matters related to a presentation to the IRS regarding a taxpayer’s rights, privileges or liabilities under laws or regulations administered by the IRS, are covered. It is detailed who may represent taxpayers before the IRS depending on special and limited circumstances. This course also explains what this practice includes, but is not limited to. Topics about what preparing or filing documents is, corresponding and communicating with the IRS, rendering written tax advice and representing a client at conferences, hearings and meetings, are also within the scope of this course. Tax return preparation is not “practice” as currently defined by case law.

This course explains that an offer in compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service and also explains the settlements the IRS applies. It details the conditions to qualify for an OIC such as the tax returns the taxpayer must have filed which are covered in the Forms 656 and Form 433 series. It also covers the cases in which the IRS won’t accept an OIC, since generally, a taxpayer won't qualify for an OIC in most cases if the taxpayer can fully pay the liabilities through an installment agreement or other means.

In this course the claims as Innocent/Injured Spouse will be discussed since many married taxpayers choose to file a joint tax return because of certain benefits this filing status allows them. However, both taxpayers are jointly and severally liable for the tax and any additions to tax, interest, or penalties that arise from the joint return even if they later divorce. This course explains how in some cases, such as the claims as Innocent/Injured Spouse, a spouse can get relief from being jointly and severally liable. An injured spouse claim is for allocation of a refund of a joint refund while an innocent spouse claim is for relief or allocation of a joint and several liability reflected on a joint return.

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Session 1


Introduction to Representation

Session 2


Completing the 433
and 656 for an OIC

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Jeffrey A. Schneider

Enrolled Agent / Certified Tax Resolution Specialist / Advanced Crypto Tax Expert
Graduate Fellow - National Tax Practice Institute

Jeffrey Schneider is an Enrolled Agent, (EA), a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, (CTRS), Advanced Crypto Tax Expert, (ACT-E) and an NTPI Fellow. Jeffrey has been in the field of taxation for over 40 years beginning his career in the public sector and transitioned into private practice in 1999 when he founded SFS Tax & Accounting Services.

He is a speaker for many professional organizations, local expos and various organizations on a wide variety of tax & business topics such as: Taxation and the Cannabis Industry, What the Realtor Needs to Know About Liens and Levies, Ready to Take Social Security; How Will it Affect Your Tax Situation? and Tax and Financial Issue: Its Impact on Divorce, Taxation of Athletes, Entertainers & Artists and more. Jeff also speaks on Tax Reform TCJA & §199A and Time Management.

He is a Past President of the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents, the Palm Beach Chapter and Treasure Coast Chapter of the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents and a Former Director on the Board of the National Society of Enrolled Agents (NSEA).

Schneider is the author of three books, "Now What? I Got a Notice from the IRS. Help!", "Now What? The IRS is Taking Everything I Own. Help!" and "Now What? I Want to Prepare My Own Return. Help!", all available on Amazon.

He is often quoted in the press and has appeared on television as a tax expert and has hosted an internet TV show. Jeff is a national speaker on all matters related to tax.

In June 2014 he received the Mentor of the Year award from the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents.

In 2018 Jeffrey was appointed to the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC).